How to Market QuickQual to Referral Partners

Show your Real Estate partners the value of QuickQual with these talking points and marketing resources.

First and foremost, as much as QuickQual is a tool for you (to elevate the customer experience, save time in your day, increase your pre-qual to application conversion rates and differentiate you from the competitors), it's just as much a tool for your referral partners. 

Real Estate Agents that use QuickQual today rave about: its ease of usethe competitive advantage it gives their clients, and the relief they feel not having to wait on their lending partners for answers or letter updates.

Here are the some features & benefits we suggest highlighting when you introduce them to QuickQual. And if you'd like a flyer with this information to bring to your next lunch and learn, networking event or coffee meet-up, download that here.  

  • Immediate Answers
    Agents can use QuickQual's mortgage calculator to run different payment and closing cost scenarios for instant access to hyper-accurate answers. 
  • Updated Letters On the Fly 
    With QuickQual, agents can update letters on nights, weekends and holidays - because you don't want to make them wait (and you deserve a work/life balance, too). 
  • Letter Management Dashboard
    Agents can keep track of their active (and expired) letters all in one place. Some Agents have even used this view as an added CRM application. QuickQual makes it easy to manage clients and gives meaningful insights you both need to reach out to the borrowers at the right time. 
  • No App Download Required
    Web-based applications like QuickQual have a much higher adoption rate by lenders, Agents and borrowers than apps you have to download from the app store. 

Share Reviews & Success Stories 

QuickQual elevates the game for everyone involved. But don't just take it from us. Leverage these  Realtor testimonials and this awesome success story our own Customer Success Specialist and local WNY Realtor Serina Callea shared.

A really notable testimonial: It's the most user-friendly pre qualification platform I've seen so far. Thank you!


Invite Agents to Create a QuickQual Account 

The best way to get buy-in is to encourage them to try it out for themselves. This How-To Create an Account for Realtors PDF is an awesome resource to provide your referral partners with. Just make sure your digital business card is updated and somewhere easily accessible for them.

Pro tip: Use your digital business card QR code on marketing flyers. Then prompt your preferred partners to save that link to their home screen as an app tile. Easy access can mean easy referrals.