Realtor Reviews

Real Estate Agents that use QuickQual share their thoughts about the product.

In the Spring of 2022, we sent out a survey to over 10,000 REALTORS nationwide that have partnered with mortgage lenders who have adopted QuickQual for their pre-approval and pre-qualification letter management.

We asked these Agents what they thought about using the software. The feedback was incredible, landing us with a Net Promoter Score of 86* from Realtors using QuickQual.

We received over 150 open-ended responses from these agents raving about the:

  • Ease of use
  • Competitive advantage it gives clients
  • Relief they feel not having to constantly bother their lender

Check out some of the responses:


"It's the most user-friendly pre qualification platform I've seen so far. Thank you!"

"Very versatile and easy to use platform, anyone can learn how to use in a matter of minutes."

"It is easily available and easy to use for clients. Breaking down the monthly payments and closing costs to the penny is nice for first time home buyers.

"The mortgage brokers that work with QuickQual are some of the best! It's very user friendly and seems much more advanced than the others."

"I think it is a very useful tool for buyers.... especially first time buyers or buyers looking in different counties with different tax rates."

"I love the ability to adjust my client’s pre-approval within the parameters set by the lender. It’s genius."

"Very efficient."

"It's awesome to have and very useful in shopping properties."

"I absolutely love it. It makes me want people to use my preferred lender because it breaks it down so well. In a crazy market it’s vital when determining how high you can offer."

"Love the details and how I'm able to get updated approval letters instantly."

"Very easy to use."

"It is fast, simple to use and at my fingertips 100% of the time."

"I like the fact that I can have the pre qual ready instantly. I feel like the lenders who provide me with this trust me more than the others. It's a different relationship."

"The ease of use is second to none! I appreciate having all the pre-approval details I need at my fingertips."

"It provides buyers with convenience, accuracy, and confidence prior to or post viewing a property - all positive!"

"It is easy to understand for clients. It shows every necessary part of the PITI and the Total for Cash required."

"I will be recommending this to all my clients because it is convenient for the customer to use this whenever they want."

"My lender partner set me up with this. Being able to issue a property-specific pre approval on the fly in this quick moving, competitive market or being able to run different scenarios for the client on the fly is a game changer."

"This is probably one of the best tools I have used to achieve ridiculous success. I did 94 transactions last year and using this helped me do it!"

"It is very user friendly and I love that I can plug new numbers in so I can let my clients know what their mortgage payment would be. This makes them more comfortable with making an offer."

"QuickQual gives me the freedom to write offers with an accurate pre qualification letter on my own schedule, instead of making me dependent on the schedule of the lender. I don't have to constantly bother the lender to see if the buyer still qualifies based on the taxes, the program allows me to check that for myself."

"This product allows buyers to be in the driver seat in relation to understanding mortgages and closing costs. When buyers are pre-approved with the bank and have to call their loan officer for each offer they place, it doesn’t allow for the flexibility needed in our fast pace market environment."

"It makes me look like a genius to my clients."

"It’s a major convenience when needing to get a preapproval from my lender without bothering her. And I like that she can see the activity so she's always in the loop either way."

"I love that I don’t have to reach out to the loan officer to constantly run numbers. I'm sure he doesn't miss the phone calls either lol." 

"I love this tool. It make my life easy as Realtor."

"It’s fabulous for both the agents and the clients to determine as close as humanly possible to what their total mortgage payment would be with principal interest taxes and insurance! In addition to exactly how much money they’re going to need for their down payment and total closing costs. I go in all the time to get my prequalification letters and it helps the buyers determine how much they can afford to put down and how that affects their mortgage payment. I could not be without it!!"

"I love that I can change the numbers with each home we look at. The buyers are much more informed on where they want to be!"


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure based on the likelihood to recommend a given brand, product, service or experience. NPS ranges from -100 to +100. Anything above +80 is considered "World Class."

Please note: This was an anonymous survey, as we consider the identities of the referral partners confidential information provided to us by our clients. Thus the identities behind the following statements cannot be disclosed.