A Realtor Success Story: Serina Callea

A Real Estate Agent in Buffalo, NY shares a success story that wouldn't have been possible without QuickQual.

Written by: Serina Callea, long-time Customer Success Specialist on our team & WNY Real Estate agent of four years. 


I love QuickQual as a Realtor! It's helped me generate a steady stream of referrals and gives my clients a competitive edge when making an offer. For example, I was recently referred to by an old client of mine because her friend, we'll call her Tracy, wanted the "fancy mortgage tool" that helped my previous buyer win a bidding war.

Tracy was a first-time home buyer and didn't know how to get pre-approved. I explained that if she wanted to use QuickQual, we'd have to work through a specific Loan Officer that has the QuickQual technology. Having a go-to Loan Officer … in this market… is a significant game changer for the overall customer experience. There's no guessing how it will go when you've developed a strong partnership with clear expectations.

When the loan officer showed me how to use QuickQual, they also helped me save their digital business card to my phone as an app tile - and WOW, that is helpful when referring business! Because I had the LO's digital business card, I was able to connect Tracy and the loan officer within seconds! 

When I received an email that my lending partner shared Tracy's QuickQual with me, I texted Tracy to ensure she also got the invitation. I then set up a time for us to have coffee to show her how to use the calculator. I explained that she could afford the purchase price if the button at the bottom was blue. But if that button turned red, she'd be outside the limits and to contact her lender to make any adjustments on the backend. I also helped her save QuickQual to her home screen so she didn't have to dig through her texts to find the link. While the process of saving the site to the home screen might sound burdensome, I've actually gotten a ton of positive feedback about buyers not having to download another app. Because who wants to do that anyways?! Especially for something so transactional. 

When it came time to show Tracy homes, the value was clear. The showing was at 5 pm, and the offer was due at 8 pm that night. She went back home to think about what purchase price she wanted to offer. After Tracy ran numbers on the QuickQual calculator, she was able to make sure she stayed within her limits of a monthly payment and closing costs. Once she decided on a purchase price, it was 7 pm. I only had an hour to submit the offer, and it only took me 30 seconds to generate the updated letter and send it off to the seller's agent. Just like that, our offer was accepted! 

That turnaround time just isn't possible when I (or the buyer) have to go back and forth with the lending partner to ask about different scenarios or for an updated letter. Before QuickQual, I probably would've told Tracy we'd need to keep looking. But armed with this tool, I feel confident that I can get things done right as I need them - which makes a huge difference in today's market.