Introducing QuickQual to Borrowers

Lenders can use these talking points and marketing materials to effectively introduce QuickQual to homebuyers as they begin their mortgage lending journey.

Walk Clients Through a Demo

We recommend using the "Patrick Purchaser" example QuickQual in your dashboard to give your buyers a quick and easy demo. This is a great marketing piece to use when in the early stages of trying to win their business because it gives homebuyers immediate, hyper-accurate answers. 

Follow These Talking Points

Here is how we would recommend that you introduce your clients to their customized mortgage calculator and adjustable pre-approval letter:

  • QuickQual is a web-based app so you don't have to download anything. All you'll need is your custom link and PIN number. For easy accessibility, we can save the link to your home screen as an app tile. (iPhone | Android)
  • This tool allows you and your Real Estate Agent to run our own payment and closing cost scenarios while looking at houses. This lets you know that you're staying within your monthly payment and not exceeding your available cash to close. 
  • The numbers you're able to crunch are built around your financials specifically, so they're hyper-accurate. As long as you stay within your limits, you can generate new letters within seconds. This keeps us competitive and you confident. 

Send Them Resources

Feel free to send your clients this one-page user guide that's specifically tailored to the borrower's experience. In 5 simple steps you'll have them up and running in no time.