Can a Realtor use QuickQual if we don't have a mutual client yet?

Even if you don't have an active deal with a real estate agent you can give them access to QuickQual to try it out

Many Loan Officers rely on real estate agent partners for referrals to build and grow their business and QuickQual is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Real estate agents love having on demand access to pre-qualification and pre-approval letters for all of their borrowers but what can you do if you don't yet have a deal with a real estate agent that wants to try QuickQual? One option is to create a practice QuickQual and share it with the real estate agent.

Another option that works well is to share your Digital Business Card with your Realtor and have them create their own QuickQual account. With this approach the real estate agent can create their own username and password and will see an introduction video with a practice QuickQual that they can try out.

  1. To get started, send the real estate agent your Digital Business Card link. Now, on the Digital Business Card, choose the "For Real Estate Agents" button and click “Need a QuickQual Account? Create One Now!”.Digital Business Card For Agents
  2. On this page your real estate agent can enter their email address, name, phone number, company name, and password to create their new QuickQual account. Note that we check the agent's email first to see if they already have a QuickQual account. If they do have an account, QuickQual will help them login to their existing account rather than creating a new account. When an agent successfully signs up you'll be sent an email so you'll know that they've created an account and you can follow up if you'd like.Agent Self Sign Up
  3. Finally, the agent will be logged in to their new QuickQual account and they will be shown a quick one minute video giving them an introduction to QuickQual as well as a practice QuickQual that they can experiment with so they're ready to use QuickQual when one of your borrowers is working with them in their home search.New Agent Self Sign Up Account

Now, your real estate agent is all set with their new QuickQual account and ready to start creating pre-qualification and pre-approval letters with ease when their home shoppers are working with you for their mortgage.

* If you'd like, we have a helpful PDF available that you can send to your agents to walk them through this process too.