Send a sample QuickQual to an agent

Learn how to send a sample QuickQual to an agent!

If you have a real estate agent you'd like to introduce to QuickQual, but don't have a live client QuickQual to share with them, we've made it easy for you to send them a sample QuickQual. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Access Realtor Accounts
    1. Navigate to the Realtor Accounts section from the main navigation menu
  2. Inviting Your Realtor:
    1. In the upper right-hand corner, you'll find the "Invite Realtor to Quick File" button. Click on it:
  3. Fill in their details:
    1. You will be prompted to provide the following information:
      1. Realtor's first name.
      2. Realtor's email address.
  4. Send the invitation
    1. After entering the required details, simply click the "Invite Realtor" button and the invitation will send in real-time!
  5. Realtor's Experience
    1. Your real estate agent will receive an invitation along with an introduction to QuickQual:
    2. When your agent clicks to open their free account, they will:
      1. See a video that explains QuickQual.
      2. Be prompted to enter their email address.
    3. Once the account set up is complete, they will have access to a "Patrick Purchaser" sample QuickQual to use as a test case and familiarize themselves with QuickQual.

By following these simple steps, you can introduce your real estate agent to QuickQual and provide them with the resources they need to get started. This will help them become well-acquainted with the tool before sending you their first referral for a real client!