Loan Officer & Broker Reviews

Loan officers that use QuickQual as their adjustable pre-approval and pre-qualification mortgage automation software share their thoughts about the product.

Lenders across the country are using QuickQual for their pre-approval and pre-qualification letter management.

In the Spring of 2022, we asked over 2,000 lenders what they thought about using the software. The feedback was incredible, landing us with a Net Promoter Score of 92* from loan officers using QuickQual.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure based on the likelihood to recommend a given brand, product, service or experience. NPS ranges from -100 to +100. Anything above +80 is considered "World Class."

QuickQual users have provided us with so much phenomenal feedback over the last few years that we thought we'd break up these testimonials into a few different sections. Click a section title below to navigate to those reviews in this article or scroll away!


- Reviews from our ICE Mortgage Technology™ Marketplace Profile

- Feedback we've received directly from clients

- Reviews left on our Google Business page


ICE Mortgage Technology™ Marketplace Reviews

How else does a Loan Officer work less while looking like a tech savvy Rock Star?! There is no other 3rd party service available to me that has a more profound impact on both my realtor partners and borrowers. Simplicity of use, knowledge at their fingertips, and confidence in their offer. Did I mention the icing is that I'm not needed to update their pre-approval to match offer?

-Paul Mena, The Mortgage Firm, Inc.

LenderLogix is amazing. What a great tool QuickQual is! Great Calculator for my clients to know what to expect, realtors love having the letter to use on their time and best of all, I can send one anywhere without having my laptop.

- Anthony Lozano, The Mortgage Firm, Inc.

QuickQual allows lenders to provide better, faster service to clients and referral partners, and allows loan officers to take back some of their valuable time! The team at LenderLogix always goes above and beyond...hearing feedback and implementing improvements that make their resources even better!
- Kevin Dame, The Mortgage Firm, Inc.
"LenderLogix is a game changer. Their technology solutions are second to none. They’re smart, efficient, responsive, and super easy to work with. Partnering with them was an easy decision and continues to be. Quick Qual, in particular, allows the loan reps the freedom and accessibility to do their jobs faster than ever with the click of a button on their mobile devices instead of being locked to their computers redoing prequals over and over and over again. Couldn’t recommend them enough."
- Anthony Ruff, Premium Mortgage Corporation
"LenderLogix has changed how we do business. QuickQual has been a God send. Giving the customer and agent the flexibility to customize pre-approvals based on the parameters we set has been AMAZING. The best of both worlds, an LO ready to answer questions and the freedom for them to do for themselves."
- Annette Kopp, Premium Mortgage Corporation


Feedback from Clients 

"Checking in here to let you know that I continue to be impressed with the QuickQual program. This thing is killing it over here. Funny thing is that I'm getting plenty of attention from Agents just because I have the utility; new referrals are coming in from people who aren't even plugged into the program. Worth its weight in gold."

- Michael Dormer, Halcyon Home Loans

"A true story about what QuickQual does for your life: We had my daughter's birthday party a few weeks ago at our house. I had two emails pop up on my phone that day notifying me that my borrowers logged in and generated new letters. This was during the birthday party at 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday. I had 15-20 people here that we were entertaining and the last thing I wanted to do was go sit at my desk and update pre-approval letters. Thankfully, I didn't have to. The letters were generated and on Monday morning the contracts were in my email. I did absolutely nothing that weekend in terms of work, and I got to enjoy my little girl's party. It really changes what you do as a loan officer and I have nothing but great things to say about it."

Peter Brock, Apex Home Loans

"QuickQual is an incredibly powerful tool for lenders. It's way more robust than anything I've used for pre-approvals. I've used SimpleNexus, Floify, Blend, and others... Real Estate Agents never engaged with those solutions. With QuickQual, we've seen 100% adoption. There's just not another product out there like it. It's well worth the investment."

- Scottie Campbell, Waymaker Mortgage

"QuickQual has changed our evenings and weekends! Instead of running multiple payment scenarios, homebuyers can run estimated payment numbers 24/7. We also like that we don't have to write as many lender letters as we used to, especially on Saturday and Sundays... FYI, I tell everyone in our coaching group about you and use our lender letter to show them what you can do. I'm one of your biggest fans!"

- Scott Baade, Colorado Lending Team

"QuickQual has helped free up some time on the weekends for myself and my loan officers. It also gives my clients and referral partners the accessibility to run monthly payments and closing costs on their own time. It's a super smooth portal that has helped grow my business and set me apart from my competition."

- Adriana Bates, Clear Mortgage

"We have a distinct competitive advantage using LenderLogix's technology. True professionals make more in less time and QuickQual allows loan officers to do just that."

- Shane Kidwell, Dwell Mortgage
& Co-Founder of Next Level Loan Officers

"With the QuickQual technology we're converting more pre-qualifications into applications and improving borrower, Realtor and employee satisfaction. If I took QuickQual away from my loan officers, I'd have a mutiny!"

- Mike Donoghue, Premium Mortgage Corporation 

"QuickQual is invaluable for us! Customer and realtor feedback is only positive, and adoption rate is 100% due to ease of use. Thanks for a great product."

- Gil Barteau, First Liberty Bank


Google Business Page Reviews

"The QuickQual program has been a great addition to our tool belt as a mortgage lender. Having access to update/print letters 24/7 from my phone is incredible. I'd highly recommend this to other mortgage lenders if you aren't using it already!"

Cameron Budzius, The Mortgage Firm

"We utilize the QuickQual program by LenderLogix and I can't say enough about it. Both Realtors and Buyers love the program for instant information and it has saved me countless hours of just providing letters or estimates - especially on the weekends. It's easy to use and works seamlessly with our origination software. Best business tool add-on by far."

- Heather Wegier, Mortgages Unlimited

"LenderLogix is an invaluable new tool in marketing for a loan officer as it helps seal the relationship between my customer and me as well as the real estate agents that I will partner with for transactions. Thank you LenderLogix, my business has improved since I have been utilizing your system."

Mark West, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

"I truly love QuickQual. I use it all the time with my referral partners and clients. It is easy to use and everyone loves that they can change the pricing to fit what offers they are writing. I also use the app to get my clients started on the application process."

Tammy Hatch, Dwell Mortgage

"I can't say enough about how much the QuickQual program has impacted my business... in a very positive way! My customers and Realtors all love the simplicity and the speed in which they can print out pre-approval letters in this competitive environment."

Howard Chanin, Butler Mortgage

"I just had a conversation with another LO in my company about QuickQual. He isn't using the software and I told him that I would pay for it for him. It's a no brainer! Borrowers and Realtors love how easy it is. If you're not using it, you are missing out!" - Jeff Modeski, Apex Home Loans Inc

"LenderLogix's QuickQual program is amazing! This program takes pre-approvals to the next level! No more phone calls to make updates, it allows the borrower the freedom to generate letters at their leisure. Most importantly it's user friendly and the borrowers love it too!"

- Sonja Cowherd, Skyla Credit Union

"My weekends are stress FREEEEEE!!!! I can't say enough great things about this resource. My clients AND their realtors can create their own pre-approval letters based on the offer being made, so no more writing multiple approval letters for one house. All you have to do is put in your borrower's parameters for the max cash to close and max monthly payment, send the borrower and realtor the link and they do the rest! If for some reason the client wants to increase their qualification (and you know they qualify), all you have to do is get on to the LenderLogix website RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE and change the parameters!! Easy-Peasy!! There are other great things about LenderLogix, but this my favorite. My clients love to play around with it and my realtor partners love it too."

- Angie Vance, Gulfside Mortgage Services

"This is a fabulous service that connects our borrower, realtors and Loan Officers during the pre-approval phase. 5 stars!!!"

- Nikki Shetler, Holland Mortgage Advisors

"My realtors love this tool as do my borrowers. It helps differentiate me from my competition so I love it as well. Thanks guys!"

- Gary Ray, Halcyon Home Loans

"This system is so super easy and all my Agents love it. Saves time and Money!"

Marva Hewett, American Liberty Mortgage, INC

"LenderLogix QuickQual is something every Loan Officer in the industry should have. The software is amazing and frees up so much time for not only the LO, but your realtor partners and borrower's as well. Their customer service is also superb. I would highly recommend this company!"

- Lori Haila, Venture Lending Group LLC

"A great company to work with! They provide great tools that my clients and business partners find very useful and helpful."

- Dylan Sipe, Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation

"This is Great !!!!Love sending pre-qualification letters through this sight. My Realtor partners and by borrowers love it."

- Terri Hammonds, First Federal Bank

"We recently partnered with LenderLogix to use QuickQual and it has been a game changer. Customers and realtors have the opportunity to put offers in quicker and expand their home search with the click of a button. Customers have been raving on how easy QuickQual is to use and they really enjoy taking advantage of the calculator tool."

- Johnny Graves, Northwest Bank

"I've had the opportunity to work with LenderLogix & QuickQual for over 4 years now. Honestly I could not imagine my life without it as a Loan Officer & I don't know how I used to do my job efficiently or effectively without it!!! The time that is saved is unmeasurable on every file, plus giving our clients & realtors an empowering tool to have at their fingertips is invaluable."

- Joel Mahakian, Premium Mortgage Corporation

"I love this product. It is a great tool for my borrowers and my realtors. Everyone on the LenderLogix team is super helpful. This team always looks for ways to improve their product. World class team!"

- Shauna Muffett, The Mortgage Firm

"Great tool for all lenders to use with their referral partners and borrowers. Highly recommend!"

- Brandon Olson, Mortgages Unlimited 

"My company has been using Lender Logix for several years. Our Loan officers use Quick Qual which Borrowers and Realtors love. QQ elevates their experience, keeps them informed, and most importantly saves phone calls back and forth to the LO’s. I manage Operations and Lender Logix has given us an extensive arsenal of tools to help create efficiency, security and provide exceptional customer service to our Customers. If you aren’t using Lender Logix you should be! Their services will help grow your business and create more time for your employee to focus on handling more volume while providing better service!"

- Courtney Mattice, Premium Mortgage Corporation

"I love using LenderLogix. My clients can easily easily estimate closing costs, cash to close and a range of monthly mortgage payments based on loan amounts."

- Hillory Hracek, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

 "This is one of the most useful and simplest to use apps i've found in the mortgage industry. Obviously built and designed by real loan officers who know what it is that we do! Thanks and Keep it up!"

- Gregory Polk, The Mortgage Firm

"Great tool for pre-approvals that saves a tremendous amount of time updating letter's for realtors and clients."

- Ken Venick, Apex Home Loans Inc

"Time, & work saver. Realtors and buyers love it"

- Tim Bertram, Holland Mortgage Advisors

"This site is amazing. I use the Lender Logix tool daily, and my clients and agents love it. Keep up the great work! Thank you!!"

- Matthew Secor, Premium Mortgage Corporation

"Extremely helpful tool to stay engaged with agents and clients together. Digital business card and social media connection is a game changer."

- Aldwin Parks, The Mortgage Firm 

"PRO- The mortgage industry is continually growing and changing and it's really great to work on software that grows with the industry changes. Areas of Improvement- Reporting Functionality"

- Erica Chin-Cannon, Priority Lending Group

"This company has help me grow my business seamlessly!"

- Adam Jones, Premium Mortgage Corporation

"Great tech that helps alleviate pain points regarding certain aspects of my industry. Very satisfied with LenderLogix."

- Brian Shaffer, The Mortgage Firm

"Quick Qual has been a game changer in my business. It also gives my clients instant satisfaction while shopping for a home. I don’t know how I worked without it. I look forward to every upgrade with anticipation because I know that I can focus on more sales. Thank you to the LenderLogix team for creating this amazing tool for Loan Officers."

- Phyllis Haberer, Premium Mortgage Corporation

"The LenderLogix product "QuickQual" is a wonderful tool for lenders, borrowers, & real estate agents. Highly recommend!!"

- Samantha Roberts, The Mortgage Firm

"Great company and super helpful!! All of my referral partners love lender logics too!!"

- Kristin Holmes, First Federal Bank

"Great tool! A must use for all LO's and agents!"

- Carrie Evans, The Mortgage Firm

"LenderLogix and QuickQual have made a definite improvement in my business. My agents love having the flexibility and getting the offers in faster. It has single handedly increased my production and wows my clients. One of the strongest tools in winning more business."

- Charley Perry, The Mortgage Firm