4 Reasons Why Realtors Should Use QuickQual

Real Estate Agents should partner with mortgage lenders who offer QuickQual for four reasons: accessibility, flexibility, convenience and its ease-of-use.

Here are four reasons why Realtors love using QuickQual and why they should partner with lenders who offers it:

  1. Accessibility
    Realtors are able to use QuickQual from a smart phone, table or desktop and it will always have the same user experience. Having 24/7 access to the information it provides is invaluable and establishes an added layer of trust with lending partners. 

  2. Flexibility
    Gone are the days of wondering what an extra $5k down could do, or what the payment would look like for a house that's $10k more than expected. QuickQual's parameters allow for a ton of flexibility when it comes to house shopping. Realtors can adjust the purchase price, taxes, sellers concessions, and down payment as needed to accommodate changing offers. This type of on-demand flexibility is what creates confident, assertive buyers in an otherwise competitive and fast market. 

  3. Convenience
    Instead of having to ask for an updated letter when the offer changes from $205k to $215k, Realtors have the ability to generate it themselves at any time and from anywhere. It also serves as a great marketing tool for both lenders and Agents because this new generation of homebuyers expect immediate answers and QuickQual provides just that. 

  4. Ease-of-use
    With basic calculator-like functionality, QuickQual is very user-friendly and doesn't require much explanation. Adoption rates exceed 95% for borrowers and Realtors. On average, borrowers log in 22 times per QuickQual! That's the type of engagement that converts them to applications and then to closed deals.