Navigate the Filter and Sort function in QuickQual

Let's walk through the steps of using the filter and sort features within your QuickQual menu. Follow these steps to efficiently manage your active and expired QuickQuals:

1. Navigate to Your My QuickQuals Page:
    1. Start by accessing your My QuickQuals page, where you'll find tiles for all your active clients. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can view your expired QuickQuals.
2. Search for Specific QuickQuals:
    1. Utilize the search bar at the top to narrow down results by borrower or real estate agent, helping you locate a particular QuickQual quickly.
3. Explore the Filter and Sort QuickQuals Tab:
    1. Located at the top is the "Filter and Sort QuickQuals" tab. Click to open this feature.
4. Leverage the Dropdown Options:
    1. Keep in mind: For loan officers, the search is limited to their own files. If you're a manager or admin, use the "Filter by Loan Officer" dropdown to search for different loan officers.
    2. Additional dropdowns allow you to filter by creator, real estate agent, or file status. You can also sort files based on the date issued or most recently updated.
5. Filtering by Status:
    1. Pay attention to the "Filter by Status" option. By default, the My QuickQuals page displays both active and expired QuickQuals. QuickQuals expired for 120 days are moved to a disabled category.
6. Retrieve Disabled QuickQuals:
    1. If you need to find an older QuickQual not appearing on the list, use the "Filter by File Status" option.
    2. Select "Show Disabled" to view all older, archived QuickQuals.
7. Understand Disabled QuickQuals:
    1. QuickQuals are never deleted; they are moved to a disabled status after 120 days.
By following these steps, you can efficiently filter, sort, and locate specific QuickQuals within your database. If you have any questions or encounter issues, feel free to reach out for assistance. Happy navigating!