How Seller Concessions Work

Seller concessions can be complex, but they're well-handled within QuickQual. Here's a breakdown of how they work!

Step 1: Understanding Loan Program Rules in QuickQual
  • Our system checks both the investor percentage limit and the total of closing costs and prepaid expenses. For example, if the combined closing costs and prepaid expenses are less than the investor allowed percentage, the system will adjust the concession accordingly.

Step 2: Enabling and Inputting Seller Concessions

    • On Step 3 of a given QuickQual, head down to the Seller Concessions section
    • Check the Enable Seller Concessions checkbox to enable them in your scenario.
        • Enabling seller concessions will also display a new field on the letter generator, allowing borrowers and agents to include seller concessions in their scenarios. Again, this is only if you enable it.
    • Input the desired seller concessions percentage. QuickQual will automatically adjust this percentage if you've exceeded a program guideline.

This example scenario contains a 5% down payment. Note the rule underneath the fields letting us know that 3% is the maximum concessions percentage on Conventional loans with less than 10% down.

Step 3: Borrower and Agent Experience
    • Borrowers and agents using the calculator will experience the same checks and adjustments when entering concessions. The system ensures compliance with guidelines.


Seller concessions in QuickQual are managed effectively, ensuring compliance with program guidelines. For further assistance or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at