How do I reset my password if I can't login to my account?

If you can't login to your QuickQual account, visit the "Reset Password" page to login to your account and choose a new password.

If you can't login to your QuickQual account because you've forgotten your password, it is easy to reset your password if you remember the email address associated with your account.

Just go to the Reset Password page and enter your email address and click the "Reset My Password" button. If there is an active QuickQual account for this email address you will receive an email with instructions on logging in and choosing a new password. If you don't receive an email within 1 minute of clicking "Reset My Password" please check your Spam folder first to see if it is there. If not, please contact our support team for assistance.

In the email you receive, click the 'Reset My Password' button to automatically log in to your account. If your email program doesn't let you click the button, you can copy and paste the long link in the email message into your favorite web browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Note that this email is only valid for 24 hours and will only work one time. If you click the button more than 24 hours after the time you received the email you will need to start the Reset Password process from the beginning.

After clicking the button in your email you will be logged in to your account and you will be asked to choose a new password for your account. Enter your new password choice and click "Save Your New Password" to finish setting up your new password. Next time you login be sure to use this new password. If you are a lender user, you are required to update your password every 60 days so this password will work until you need to choose a new one again in the future. 

Note that QuickQual also contains security features and your login account may be locked after multiple failed login attempts. If this happens to your account just follow the same steps above to  login to your account, choose a new password, and unlock your locked account.