How Agents Experience QuickQual

Let's focus on understanding the agent experience within QuickQual, explore how agents access QuickQual, and manage multiple files sent to them.

Accessing QuickQuals:

  • Step 1: Inviting Agents
    • In step four of creating a QuickQual, you have the option to invite agents by sending them their link via text or email.
  • Step 2: Agent Receives Invitation via Email
    • Agents receive an email containing their login link and associated email address.
    • Upon clicking the login link, agents are directed their account's login page.

Navigating QuickQuals:

  • Step 3: Viewing QuickQuals
    • Agents are presented with a tile-based list of QuickQuals associated with their account.
    • Expired QuickQuals are highlighted in red, indicating the need for follow-up if the borrower is still active.
  • Step 4: Accessing Client Details
    • Agents can click on a specific client to view the pre-approval.
      • This opens the calculator for that borrower, allowing agents to run numbers tailored to their needs.
  • Step 5: Generating Letters
    • Agents have the option to generate letters if provided by the loan officer.

Profile Management:

  • Step 6: Accessing Profile Settings
    • Agents can access their profile settings by clicking the three lines in the upper right corner.
    • Here, they can update information such as profile picture, phone number, or company name.


Understanding the agent experience with QuickQual enhances collaboration and efficiency in the lending process. For further assistance or questions, contact us at!